Happy Customers

Eikos Restaurant Group

“When we opened our Oxbow location we wanted a phone system to unify both locations. The Cabalse Group proposed a VoIP system that was flawlessly rolled out to both locations. The VoIP system allows our customers to call one number with an easy to use phone menu that reaches both restaurants, management team voicemail boxes, and the takeout counter." 

-Allison Hallum, General manager
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Taste Factor

 "As a company experiencing explosive growth, Taste Factor developed a real need for technology and systems support. In 2013 we decided to outsource our "CTO" and hire the Cabalse Group to manage every aspect of our technology. Taste Factor, an e-commerce wine company, relied on technology to drive profit. Whether it was ensuring 99.9% up time for each employee's system, robust security measures to protect proprietary pricing, or a durable database to crunch our patented recommendation engine, all of our support was expertly handled by the Cabalse Group. After the sale of Taste Factor I've continued to use the Cabalse Group for my other companies. I've been extremely happy with the level of service I receive for a fraction of what other companies charge. I look forward to partnering with the Cabalse Group on all future endeavors"

-Taste Factor Co-founder
Taste Factor website

"I hired Ian to work as a PC technician on project assignments for a large retail customer. Ian was always willing to help and would often go out on little notice as the project went through various stages.  I enjoyed working with Ian and I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again for any type of technical work in his area of expertise."

-IT Recruiter
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